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Kenton County Public Library
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Covington, KY 41011

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Your Stories of Covington

Jean Wallace Woods
I fell in love with Wallace Woods the first time I drove down Wallace, long before we moved there. My husband told me about this great neighborhood with trees. I fell in love with the trees. On my daily walks, I admire the really old trees. There is one magnificent old oak with great limbs that stretches out well over the house. Of course, I never knew I would one day have to battle with so many tree seedlings trying to root.

Judy Peaselburg
I visited Latonia on a hot summer day, and the fountain at Rittes Corner was a pleasant, cooling site to visit levitra sans ordonnance. The fountain is lovely, but I think I enjoyed the story of the fountain the most. After World War I a doctor in Latonia decided to have a fountain built in Rittes Corner in honor of the first Latonia boy that went to the war. It was a lovely fountain but seemed doomed to destruction by the town's other physician, a man who enjoyed drinking and driving and managed to hit the fountain not once, not twice, but three times. The town gave up on the idea of a fountain until recently, when a new fountain was erected to honor the veterans of the Korean War. The people of Latonia enjoy the story of their fountain as much as the fountain itself!